Business and investment opportunities in the agricultural sector

1. Business and investment opportunities in the agricultural sector:

The Republic of Congo boasts a huge potential for agricultural production. But what value chains are especially likely to thrive? This session will look at the competitiveness of agricultural value chains such as cassava, banana and plantain, cocoa and corn.

The session will start with a presentation of the sector at large as well as various investment opportunities by the agriculture department director at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Congo, Mr. Bienvenu Ntsouanva. After this a Congolese company already active in the sector (Tolona) will showcase concrete examples of what it means to own, manage and grow an agribusiness company in Congo.

This session will be moderated by Ludovic Miaro from WWF.

The audience is encouraged to actively participate in this session by asking any question they may have regarding business and investment opportunities in agriculture.

Moderator: Ludovic Miaro


Bienvenu Ntsouanvna, General Director of Agriculture;

Representative, Tolona


Topics to be discussed:

  • Competitiveness of agricultural value chains: standards,

quality control, product certification (cassava, banana

and plantain, cocoa, corn).

  • ¬†Investment opportunities (Structuring of the chains of

value, business climate, land, entrepreneurship development).


Time: 13:00-14:00
Facilitator: Ludovic Miaro