Business and investment opportunities in the sectors of fisheries and aquacultures

3. Business and investment opportunities in the sectors of Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Congolese government is looking specifically at how to develop the aquaculture sector in the Republic of Congo.

During this session, moderated by Bas Weinans, an aquaculture Engineer from Aquaculture ID, the aquaculture department director at the Ministry of Agriculture of Congo, Mr. Benoit Claude Atsango, will first further elaborate on the Ministry’s plans to develop the sector. After this, Mr. Erwan Guyader from OPERATEUR Congolais and Mr. Antonio Zuorro from Ponics , with experience in aquaculture are invited to provide their input and ask questions regarding business and investment opportunities in aquaculture.

Moderator: Bas Weinans


Benoit Claude Atsango, General Director of fisheries and aquaculture

Erwan Guyader, Operateur Congolais

Antonio Zuorro, Ponic


Topics to be discussed

  • Competitiveness of value chains in the production

of fish: standards, quality control, certification.

  • Investment opportunities (Structuring of value chains, business climate, land, entrepreneurship development).


Time: 13:00-14:00
Facilitator: Bas Weinans