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Invest in Agriculture. 

The Mais and Soya Value Chains

In order to support the livestock sector, the mais and soya value chains should be developed. Many economic operators have expressed their willingness to engage in the mechanized cultivation of maize and soybeans, in order to feed the main agri-food industries. Read more about the actions to be taken and expected results.

The Development of the Livestock Sector

The Republic of Congo has 10 million hectares of arable land, of which about 2% is exploited, as  such, it offers numerous opportunities to grow the livestock sector enormously. Read more about the opportunities and expected results.

The Freshwater Fish Value Chain

Fishing is of great importance in the Congolese economy with a contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimated at 30 billion CFA francs. Therefore, the Government of Congo-Brazzaville is looking into transforming the freshwater fish value chain. Read more about the objectives and expected results.

The Cashew Tree Value Chain

The Republic of Congo, has the ideal conditions for the development of cashew trees. Private operators have embarked on cashew tree cultivation with encouraging results. The current project aims to integrate agroforestry with cashew tree cultivation. Read more about the actions to be taken and expected results.

New Farming Villages

The Government of Congo has initiated, in its National Development plan, various agricultural development activities such as the creation of two new farming villages and which produce table eggs, broilers and vegetables. The Government is aiming to bring this experience across the country.  Read more about the opportunities and expected results.

Agricultural Mechanization

It is very difficult to imagine a successful agricultural sector without the development of mechanization. Therefore, the project looks at the development of intensive commercial farms, benefiting from increased access to mechanization developed by the private sector with state facilitation. Read more the specific goals and expected results.

A Bank for the Financing of Agriculture

The Republic of Congo seeks to promote agricultural development by creating financing mechanisms tailored to the specific attributes of the agricultural sector. The creation of the Bank for the financing of Agriculture is aimed at accelerating economic and social self-promotion of all rural players and agricultural value chains actors. Read more about the specific goals and expected results.

Coffee and Cocoa Value Chains

Coffee and cocoa are experiencing renewed interest in the global market and are a source of foreign currency for countries that have developed their cultivation. In order to diversify the economy, Congo-Brazzaville is ambitious about moving towards climate-smart agriculture, by combining agroforestry with cocoa cultivation in the Savannah zone. Read more about the opportunities and expected results.

Cassava Value Chain

Cassava is the staple food of more than 90% of the Congolese. Its cultivation mobilizes almost all agricultural assets, from self-consumption to a source of income for rural households. Cassava production certainly covers national needs, but the professionalization of actors invites the development of its value chain. Read more about the opportunities and expected results.

Value Chain of Banana and Plantain

Banana production, especially plantain, in Congo, ranks second as a staple after cassava. However, this production, estimated at 80,000 tonnes/year, does not meet domestic demand due to relatively low yields of 4t/ha/year. With knowledge exchange and targeted investment the challenges faced in banana and plantain production could be levitated. Read more about the opportunities and expected results.