Kuwait Fund

The Kuwait fund announced 21 million euro for the financing of agriculture. In, among others:

  • livestock projects,
  • new farming villages,
  • the qualipole (soil nature laboratory)
  • Djoumouna Fish Farming Station

Republic of Congo and Senegal

A Congolese-Senegalese Partnership, within the framework of agricultural cooperation and their specialized agencies.

The Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between the two Ministers of Agriculture:

  • HE Moussa Balde, Minister of Agriculture of Senegal
  • HE Henri Djombo, Minister of State for Agriculture of the Republic of Congo


On the basis of the historic commitment made by the Government of the Republic of Congo to guide agricultural development in savannah areas and to promote climate-smart agriculture concerned with the preservation of the forest cover, the CAFI Initiative, which brings together a group of donors (Like Germany, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, South Korea and the European Union), has decided to support the Government in achieving its ambitions and implementing the Letter of Intent signed by Presidents Denis Sassou-Nguesso and Emmanuel Macron on behalf of CAFI for an initial amount of USD 65 million.

A first envelope of 15 million is directly allocated to the agricultural sector, in order to support the
Government in:

– the identification of a national agricultural estate and state land reserves for large-scale investment,

– experimentation and development of technical itineraries adapted to savannah and degraded forest areas,

– the establishment of innovative financing systems and

– experimentation with traceability systems attesting to a “zero-deforestation” origin of agricultural commodities.

Additional funding of USD 10 million is earmarked to support national land use planning for the establishment of an intersectoral and inclusive spatial planning process aimed at securing investments and providing concrete solutions to land-use conflicts.

CAFI is committed to supporting the Government in mobilizing additional resources for the promotion of environmentally friendly agriculture and the preservation of forest resources and invites all technical and financial partners to join their efforts to support the Republic of the Congo in implementing the ambitious commitments made in the Letter of Intent signed with CAFI.


The United Nations agencies WFP, IFAD, FAO are committed to jointly supporting the government and the private sector of the Republic of Congo for the development of the Manioc sector.


AFD also plans to support the cassava sector via grant financing / the creation of a guarantee fund to support cassava producers


The European Co-operative for Rural Development (EUCORD) is a Brussels-based NGO under Dutch law, with expertise in the development of local supply chains, in particular for the cereal industry. EUCORD is interested in collaborating with Congolese institutions on agricultural value chain development projects such as maize, barley, rice and cassava.


Autonomous and sustainable circuit concerning livestock farming: in particular the manufacture of livestock feed, recovery of production waste into methane and organic fertilizers.

NIHAB GMBH, $250 million

  • Oil palm and soybean plantation
  • Establishment of a palm oil oil production plant
  • A palm oil refinery
  • An oil packaging plant
  • Manufacture of by-products: soap, food additives (such as margarine)