Business and investment opportunities in the sector of agrologistics

Well-functioning agrologistics is of the essence to boost agricultural production, distribution and trade. But what is the current state of the sector in the Republic of Congo? And what can be done to improve?

This session will focus on a discussion between Séraphin Bhalat, the General Director of the Port of Pointe-Noire and Jean-Jacques Samba, Adviser to the President of UNICONGO, during which the international audience in encouraged to actively participate. Large infrastructure projects that are in the pipeline will be presented and seeds for new (international) public-private partnerships will be planted. This session will be moderated by Rose-Marie Bouboutou, from BBC.

Moderator: Rose-Marie Bouboutou, BBC Africa 


Séraphin Bhallat, General Director of the autonomous port of Pointe-Noire

Jean-Jacques Samba, President of UNICONGO

Topics to be discussed

  • Large infrastructure projects
  • Focus on Public-Private-Partnerships

ROOM Council Room

Time: 13:00-14:00
Facilitator: Rose-Marie Bouboutou, BBC Africa