Speaker Bio

Jean-Martin Bauer

Representative of the World Food Programme in Brazzaville, Jean-Martin Bauer has 19 years of experience within the United Nations. He has served in Niger, Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau and the WFP Regional Office for West Africa in Dakar. Prior to joining Congo-Brazzaville, he headed the food security monitoring team at WFP headquarters, where his work with mobile technologies earned him several awards.

In Congo since 2017, Jean-Martin has been involved in strengthening farming groups and promoting local products, particularly beans and cassava. Under his leadership, the WFP has enabled the government to launch the first large-scale project to adapt to the consequences of climate change. Jean-Martin also contributed to responses to the country’s crisis situations, including internal displacement, the arrival of refugees and floods.

Originally from West Virginia, a graduate of the London School of Economics and the Harvard Kennedy School, Jean-Martin is passionate about baseball.