Speaker Bio

Livio Rossi

Livio Rossi, for more than 35 years in the field of satellite and airborne remote sensing and its applications, in particular for natural, semi-natural resources and emergency management.

Member and founder of the Italian Remote Sensing Society -AIT since 1986, of which he was elected president at the end of 2018. Member of the ASITA Scientific Committee Board (Associations for Geomatics). Member of the Italian Copernicus User Forum.

Responsible for the remote sensing exploitation in support of the Italian Agricultural Agency (AGEA) and for the European Community Agricultural Policy-PAC; usual speaker on behalf of both Ministry of Agriculture and AGEA at the EU 28 Conferences and workshops in agro-environment since 1999. More than 80 articles, reports, interviews on agro-environmental, forest, geological and geomorphological remote sensing applications since 1987.

In Telespazio group since 1999, in eGEOS (a Telespazio – Italian Space Agency company) since 2015.