Business and investment opportunities in the livestock sector

What opportunities exist in terms of livestock in the Republic of Congo? This session will look specifically at business and investment opportunities in beef, pork, poultry, sheep and goat meat production, as well as issues of land ownership and quality control.

The session will start with a presentation of the sector at large as well as various investment opportunities by the livestock department director at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Congo, Mr. Tobi N’kaya. After this, three Congolese companies already active in the sector, Mr. Rui Frederico Barreto from La Poule qui Rit, Mr. Jean René Ndoussa Yandza from Cooperative Agropastorale Alima and Mr Daniel Mandzi from TBN will showcase concrete examples of what it means to own, manage and grow a livestock company in Congo. NABC’s Mackenzie Masaki will lead this session.

The audience is encouraged to actively participate in this session by asking any question they may have regarding business and investment opportunities in livestock.

Moderator: Mackenzie Masaki, Director of Business Development, NABC


Tobi N’Kaya  , General Director for livestock | Présentation du secteur de l’élevage (PDF)

Rui Frederico Barreto, General Director of ‘La Poule Qui Rit’ | La Poule Qui Rit (PDF)

Daniel Mandzi , General Manager of TBN | TBN Industries CONGO (PDF)

Jean René Ndoussa Yandza, Cooperative Agropastorale Alima (livestock farmer in the cattle industry)


Topics to be discussed:

  • Competitiveness of value chains in the production

of animal husbandry: standards, quality control, certification

products (bovine, porcine, poultry, sheep and goats,);

  • Investment opportunities (Structuring of value chains, business climate, land, entrepreneurship development).

ROOM Maurits Hall

Time: 13:00-14:00
Facilitator: Mackenzie Masaki, Director of Business Development, NABC