Transformation towards sustainable agriculture, usage of smart solutions in the face of climate change, as well as digital innovation in agriculture

A future-proof agricultural sector should be adapted to the realities of a changing climate. This session will look at smart solutions and technologies to produce more while using fewer resources. Concepts such as ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’, circular agriculture and agri-technology will be addressed and illustrated with concrete examples. Case studies of countries with similar climates and/or climatic challenges can be used to inform what is possible in the Republic of Congo.

Moderator: Riad Balaghi, Director of Projects, AAA Initiative | Presentation Riad BALAGHI (PDF)


Pierre Cadet, Président Groupe FADIA et Steve Bousabata- Président FADIA Development | Présentation Projet PADDI GROW CONGO (PDF)

Christine Langevin Climate change, Land-use, and Forestry consultant | CAFI grow Congo VF (PDF)

Ludovic Miaro, Africa Regional Palm Oil Programme Coordinator, WWF | Posters petits planteurs_FR (PDF)

Michel Djombo Balombelly Managing Director CA Agri | Video GTC: