Speaker Bio

 Nathalie Schermann

Nathalie Schermann is a self-taught chef with a passion for world cuisine. Originally from Congo Brazzaville, she travelled the African continent in search of flavours for 15 years before settling in France, where, after participating in the first edition of Masterchef, she acquired a real culinary maturity by working at the Trianon Palace in Versailles and in Parisian restaurants. She has always been driven by the desire to propose a new image of African cuisine. In 2015, she opened her restaurant, where she revisits African classical dishes, bringing elegance and refinement to them. Then in 2016, she was ranked “the top-of-the-range delicatessen entrepreneur with an African influence. In 2018 with her daughter Stéphanie Schermann and Paulina Cortes she founded Joe & Avrel’s which is located in the center of Puteaux